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Capital Coin and Bullion was founded in 2009 by Chad and Becky.

Originally from Georgetown, Texas, we moved to Fredericksburg, Texas in 2008 for a change and to begin a new journey as husband and wife. We purchased an existing antique mall there and opened another, both located off of Main St. all the while, Becky was managing an assisted living home for the elderly. Unfortunately, around this time, the markets took a turn for the worst and the economy crashed and so did our businesses. But the only fruitful product were coins and bullion, which were sold within our antique malls. It was then, we realized we needed to better prepare ourselves (and others) for the future. We also realized, to be successful, we needed to be in a more populated area, which brought us back to our roots in Austin. Once in Austin, we established ourselves made it known that we would offer the best prices, in both buying and selling, in Texas! We feel it is important and necessary to diversify your financial portfolio and we want to be the source of your precious metal investments. We will educate you and steer you in the right direction so that you are protecting your current and future assets and making educated financial decisions. We have helped many families and would like to do the same for you. We genuinely want each and every customer to enjoy their experience with us. We rely on “word of mouth” so it is important to us that you are happy and satisfied with our business. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to helping you with your precious metal needs in the future!

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